Thursday, July 1, 2010

the real (challenge)

from the first thought in my head i understood alone, there was only me in my head, but the lure to share was powerful and overcame the reality of being alone, the delusion of sharing, the co-dependency, swallowed reason and replaced it with romantic delusion that lead to emotional, psycological, and even physical addictions... blow after blow of reality tore through the delusions and still i somehow rebuilt the dream i made so real in my mind... the dream called falling in love and sharing everything in every way with another being... the fact that we would both be alone no matter what was consistently ignored year after year producing the ache of addiction brought on by belief in the delusion... and then, somewhere in the last onslaught of the real aloneness forced upon me by the absolute betrayal of unconditional trust and abandonment, the power of the delusion exploded like a supernova in my mind and suddenly, though my conscious mind may not have noticed, the addiction was gone... infinite space remained... and i accepted the reality of aloneness (completely?) and may never be able to forget again...

but there's the challenge for you, can you make me want to forget again? :)