Friday, April 5, 2013

understanding life

I am independent and alone in this life in part because the illusion of caring that passes for caring among humans, especially in schools, parties, politics, religion, and other human attempts at social interactions, is more about control than caring and that has always rubbed my instincts the wrong way. Loneliness or a desire to belong never could overcome the aversion to pretense and at the heart of that illusion.

The illusion becomes a crutch made invisible to most by denial.

To be with me you not only must understand this, but be without the illusion.

Friday, March 15, 2013

no secrets

throughout my writings, babblings, even rhymes, when i am feeling most deep, perhaps even profound, there are so many references to lost mix tapes, words and music, that recorded who i was and am (the numbers are music) and secrets in the writings... yes, lost... the map to my core, to the buried treasure that was me, the path to who i am was lost... and the playful challenge for you becomes a real challenge for me and you... so sad, yet, reality is what it is and i deal with it, looking for someone else who will too... maybe i won't compromise anymore... i am alone because nobody will... will you?...